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Motor Development from Tummy Time to Walking

This past weekend Wyatt started walking! I’m 100% positive that Owen will follow along soon as well. I wanted log and track their motor development from birth to now at 10 months.

Wyatt has always been a little bit ahead of the game in the motor development department. It’s so interesting to see them develop differently even though their environment has been exactly the same. The only difference is that Wyatt was positioned further down in pregnancy while Owen was positioned above his brother having “more room to grow” as our doctor would tell us. Hence, Owen our 2nd born is 1 pound heavier, 1 inch taller, and couple centimeters more in head circumference. Personality wise, Wyatt is our adventurous one always curious to see what’s up and exploring everywhere. Owen always needs to reassured that it’s okay.

Here is a quick log of their motor development so far!

  • 2 weeks: turned head from side to side for tummy time few times
  • 1 month: turned head from side to side for tummy time with ease
  • 3 months: flipped over from tummy to back and back to tummy (few times), inches forward, kicks when we hold them up
  • 4 months: Wyatt flips over multiple times both ways, Owen flips few times
  • 5 months: both boys flip left, right, back, belly, also inchworming all over the place, reaches and hold toys, bottles, pacifiers, and brings to mouth
  • 6 months: rolls, reach and bring toys to mouth, crawls forward a bit, sits with support, unsupported sitting 30 second-1 minute
  • 7 months: sits independently unsupported, crawls from one room to the next room, stands with support (Wyatt stands with better balance)
  • 8 months: bangs floor table while standing, pulls self up to stand while holding onto a support, Owen can lower self back, Wyatt cries when he tries to lower himelf
  • 9 months: crawls with speed, stands with support, stands unsupported independently for 5 seconds, can climb stairs, walks when we hold both their hands, walks with lion walker, Wyatt had his first 2-3 steps at the end of 9 months
  • 10 months: navigates each room by crawling, walking by holding onto wall, walker, or holding one hand, Wyatt started walking on 4/6/19 at 10 months 1 week, Owen took his first steps

Every baby develops differently! I can definitely see that there is a difference even between my twin boys! Some will be quicker than others while others could be delayed. I’m not an occupational therapist or physical therapist and I’m definitely not a pediatrician, but I am a mom and school psychologist intern, with curiosity and interest for developmental growth in children. As a psychologist, sometimes, we have to assess motor development tests with kids, and I have to be knowledgeable if kids are delayed at the school-age level in their visual perceptual motor skills. With my educational background, I think it’s so fun to see my own kids gain these kinds of skills!

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