Diaper Caddy Organization for Baby

Diaper caddies are a necessity in our home, and I’m sure, in any home with a babe in diapers! It’s a perfect organization/storage solution to keep all baby essentials in one little neat place.

When the boys were newborns, we used to have 3 of these organizers–1 for each room: our bedroom, the twins’ room, and living room. Now we have 2 because the boys moved out of our room completely when they hit 3 months, so we no longer need one in our room.

Since caring for these boys require all our attention, I figure that I should make things easier for us.. call me lazy if you want, but this is a survival tip for sure! If I need lotion or a diaper or a diaper cream or something, I don’t wanna bother having to look for it in the next room or rummaging for it in the dresser or bathroom. I’d rather have everything together in the diaper caddy ready to go. So what I did was get a full set of baby things in a caddy for each room. Maybe I went overboard, but hey, it’s what’s working for us, so I’m going with it.

My brother got this diaper caddy for us from Amazon. I love it so much because it’s so big and fits so many things in it and we use it everyday. Here’s a little visual of everything that goes in it!

For the one in the living room, we put it on top of this little side table next to our piano so that it’s out of reach for the boys, but still easy reach for us. I’m sure we will have to find a better place for it once they figure out how to bring it down or climb on the piano or couch. In their room, I put the diaper caddy on top of the dresser. We used to have a whole station with the changing pad on top of the dresser, but ever since the boys decide to flip and crawl away from me, that changing pad has been handed down to another mama.

What goes in our diaper caddy?

  • disposable diapers for the nighttime (our cloth diapers are kept in the dresser because they’re so bulky and big)
  • wipes
  • bandana drool bibs (teething stage for our boys!)
  • baby nail clipper
  • hairbrush
  • boudreaux butt paste natural (cloth diaper friendly)
  • boudreaux butt paste maximum strength (when the booties are red and they’re in disposable diapers)
  • aquaphor healing ointment (multipurpose use for cuts, dry skin, drool rash, also to use as a diaper rash prevention)
  • eucerin eczema relief (I use this in combination with the aquaphor to put on their cheeks when it becomes too dry and red
  • vaseline & guaze (used to use it for circumcision care)
  • thermometer
  • boogie mist (it’s a saline spray to clear their noses)
  • boogie wipes
  • nosefrida to suction out all the snot
  • lotion

It’s not part of the diaper caddy yet, but I will probably also add rice crackers as they serve as a great distraction to keep my boys still while I try to change them.

Well, there you have it! Hope this little tip helps!

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