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9 Month Twins: Developmental Milestones, Skills, and Updates

The twins were SICK all month long!!

This past month, the boys went through cycles of getting each other sick. One would get sick and then when he finally got better, he would say, “Okay, now it’s your turn!” Runny noses, coughing, and clinginess for 30 days… The cold weather and added rain probably didn’t help either. Having sick babies is no fun, especially when you have TWO sick babies and they BOTH want to be held all day long. (There were a few days like that this month, and my attitude was just plain stinky on those days) My body tells me I cant hold both of them anymore. If they’re both crying, I pick up the baby who is crying more intensely and try to comfort him first before I get the other one. But I still almost always end up holding both of them, because it makes me so sad that they have to take turns being comforted (#twinproblems).

I am thankful, though, that their sickness never progressed into a high feverish temperature that would require immediate medical attention from a doctor. They didn’t need any hospitalization stays or medications, so praise Jesus for protecting us! I’m also thankful that my husband and I were able to stay healthy, despite living in a germy household, getting snot and sneezes thrown in our faces all day. Unfortunately, their grandma took a slight hit, but she’s recovering back as well. They took 4 weeks to recover completely.. it has only been 4 days being sick-free so hopefully it stays that way. On the bright side, at least I know that their immune systems have toughened up a bit because we overcame these nasty bacterias!

9 Month Wellness Visit

We just had our 9 month visit last week and Wyatt and Owen are growing at a healthy rate. Wyatt has a head circumference of 44.5 inches (39th percentile), weighs 16 pounds and 9.8 ounces (8th percentile), and is 27 inches tall (9th percentile). Owen has a head circumference of 45.5 inches 70th percentile), weighs 17 pounds and 3.7 ounces (14th percentile), and is 27.5 inches tall (22nd percentile). They have a slight difference in that Owen is consistently bigger. Even though it’s half a pound, you can feel it when you hold them.

Social and Motor Development

They are hitting those gross motor milestones plus a bit more! They can both crawl at super speed, stand up when holding a support, stand up independently for at least 2-5 seconds, climb stairs, and walk with the lion walker. I’m thinking that I might have to buy shoes for them a bit early… we shall see, though. It’s so funny when they use the walker because they got this booty shake going because they don’t have the full motor control over their wobbly bodies.

They also love to dance to music and bang on the drum or table, especially Wyatt. Their daddy also just bought them a new musical instrument toy set and they are totally loving it. Wyatt always goes for the drum while Owen prefers those shaker things.

They love to play with each other, watch the other one play, or parallel play alongside each other. I feel so blessed to have twins because they will always have one another.

Language Development

I have been slacking off a bit when it comes to reading books, but I do try to be intentional in exposing them to language by talking to them and talking about things that they are playing with. Although, the best is when their dad sings them made-up songs. They have been emitting different sound combinations both spontaneously and by imitating us. But their favorite (for both of them) is still “BABABA!” In Korean, it sounds like they’re saying daddy! At times, Wyatt will also say “kikiki” and Owen is just continuously blowing raspberries, but they have yet to say “mama” (those stinker butts..) Sometimes, they babble at each other in long strings, and they have their own language in which they only communicate with each other.


We have added more items to their food repertoire this month. They have tried different dairy products, and we also introduced beef! They LOOOOVE yogurt and cottage cheese, but they are not a fan to ground beef yet. I had to grind it up in the blender and serve it mixed in with a veggie-fruit puree. Sometimes meals are fun and easy. The boys will even reach for each other’s hands (or plate) and everyone’s happy. Other times, they will create a giant mess, cry, and pretend they’re in a rock concert by whipping their head back. No one is happy then.

Breastfeeding. Yes, we are still breastfeeding. I also offer them a bottle of formula or pumped milk in the afternoon and at the end of the day. They love to nurse especially when they first wake up, before a nap, and before bedtime. These days, I’m getting questions of how much longer we will be breastfeeding and my answer is that I have no idea! I’m still getting a decent-enough supply and I’m gonna keep going for maybe until they turn 1. But we will see, it’s what’s working for us and the milk is free! LOL.


There hasn’t been much change in their sleep, other than the fact that they were sick, so both boys had been stirring in their sleep then. But even then, it’s only for a few seconds and they’re back to dreamland. The boys sleep 12 hours from 6:30 PM-6:30 AM and taking 1-2 hour naps during the day from 9 AM-11 AM and 2 PM-3PM. I’m happy because their naps and sleep have improved from last month. Keep it up guys, your naps and sleeptime keep mom and dad sane!!

Overall, despite the boys getting sick, I’m so thankful for their overall general health. No severe illnesses and this house is filled with love! I got this blog started and happy that I’m get to write extended posts, reflecting on this past month. What a blessing it is to be a mama and to share this experience with everyone else.

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